The different fits are labeled with a one or two letter designation. In addition, a general description of each follows along with the more familiar breed-specific or back-type classification. These limited descriptions cannot be readily utilized for fit determination but will assist when comparing one to another.

J - Semi-Quarter Horse (Semi)/Arabian (Arab) - Steeper front and rear rafter angle and closer-spaced bars relative to Standard Quarter Horse fit when positioned at standard spread. In addition, sufficient bow (rocker) enables this fit to conform well to the short Arabian back having a narrow wither dropping off quickly to the shoulder.

D - Standard Quarter Horse (SQ) - Approximate 92º front rafter angle. Good front flare, bow and upturned tails to avoid bridging and bar edge pressure points.

TF - Full Quarter Spread (FQ) - Same bow (rocker) and wind (twist) as 'D' fit with an additional 1/2” front spread ('GW+1/2' or '+1/2') than standard.

NE - Straight-Back Quarter (SBQ) - Similar flare and rafter angle to the 'D' fit with much less bow. Developed for straighter backed, well collected horses. Also works well for mules that require a flatter front rafter than the 'SE'.

SE - Mule (Mule) - Reduced bow and steeper front rafter angle to conform to the distinctive mule back. Helps prevent the back of the saddle rocking up when cinched, which creates tremendous pressure under the stirrup leather when the rider's weight pushes it back down.

HA - Draft Horse (DH) - Approximate 105º front rafter angle. Flatter rear rafter also and less bow for broad, flat backs with little dip.

LT - Gaited Horse (GT) - Steeper rear rafter angle, additional front flare and
more bow relative to the 'D' fit.

PW - Walking Horse (WH) - Similar to LT with steeper front rafter angle.

AW- Full Wither (FW)/Arabian (Arab) - Flared out front and rear to allow for full or mutton wither with no pockets. The resulting bow enables this fit to conform well to the short Arabian back having wide withers rounding out into the shoulder. The AW has also been found to work for more dipped-back draft horses.

X- (Fit Form not yet available) Performance Quarter (PQ) - Flatter front and rear rafter angle and less convex front bar pads allow for the broad wither and well-developed shoulder muscles of the highly trained, daily ridden working quarter horse. A more open waist facilitates collecting and core development.

     Please note in the FTBS FIT DESIGNATION descriptions that the 'TF' fit results from spreading
the front of the 'D' fit an additional 1/2”. All fit forms
save the 'TF' are molded with the bars set at 'standard' spread. A wider spread of an additional 1/2” over standard spread is noted as '+1/2'. All fits can be
spread farther apart or moved closer together from standard spread. Rafter angles will remain the same
with only the distance between the bars changing.
The necessary spread alteration can be determined
by moving the fit form either toward or away from you while keeping it level. Please see 'FAQ' for how you
can utilize FTBS for your next saddle purchase.

     Our vendors have been supplied a list of the trees they use, indicating the fit of each. We are urging them to include the fit designation along with the other saddle tree information routinely provided with each saddle.



Download Our SADDLE TREE FIT DEMONSTRATION SYSTEM Brochure in PDF format here.